Google My Business Ranking factor [ 21 Steps]

Google My Business Ranking factor

Before you start to read this article you need to know about Google My Business Guidelines [article publish on] because of when you perfectly follow Google Guidelines after then you will rank high on Google Maps.

Keywords in the GMB business name [Write Clear, Concise Headlines with keyword]

Keyword in Title is the main ranking factor of Google My business, when you add your keyword in the title then you will increase your 30% chance for Good ranking.

Add multiple categories [Proper GMB Category Associations]

Right Category selection is the main part of Google My Business Optimization because Google identifies your business on your category selection. Google has 2395 categories, you have to select your business category under that category, If your category is not available in that list then you have to select additional categories based on your business.

Add address in Google My Business same as Website

Your GMB account ranking almost depends on your business NAP (Name, Address and Local Phone Number), that’s why you have to select your Address perfectly on both places.


Google would love to show the accurate result to their users, if you provide accurate information about your business to Google, then Google definitely increases your ranking.

Add special hours

A special hour means your shop closing time, you should mention a special hour in GMB listing for accurate information to Google.

Make sure your phone number is the same on your website and Google

Google tracks your business listing based on your business NAPW information if your website on-page is high value and Google know your website has Google My Business Listing then Google Definitely will increase your Google My Business ranking based on your website on page.

Submit or create website in Google My Business

When someone will come to your Google Map Business, and you already add your business website on Google then people will easily drive that to your website.

Set up highlights according to your business

You are running a restaurant or any other business, Google provides to you highlights set up option based on your category selection.

Write a detailed description with keyword

The meta tag informed Google about your service and products, when you add your targeted keyword with location then you can easily tell Google about your business service and product, which keyword you want to rank high in Google SERP.


Photos are trending ranking factor of Google, According to MOZ local ranking factor survey, 30% of Google My Business listing ranking depends on Photo sharing. You should take advantage of this ranking factor and add all photos in your Google My Business that Google Allows to share in the photo section.

Share small videos on GOOGLE My Business Video section

Video is the future and that’s true. Most of the peoples are more like watching videos more than read the content.

Set up labels

Labels set up in advance set up of Google My Business listing. When you start PPC on Google map that time you must have to set up location labels for more ROI. Labels are informed Google to your location restriction.

Google reviews [Get a High Quantity of Quality Reviews]

Google review is a major ranking factor, good quality review increases your GMB account ranking up and up.

Review response

Reviews only increase your ranking, not an income. But review response will increase your ranking as well as income. No matter Good Review or Bad Review, you just do reply on every review.

Monitoring Your Google My Business Listing Insights [Use GMB Insights and learn how your users interact with your business]

In insight part, you will get your business listing report, this report gives you perfect information about your business listing. Once you will get all the report about your business then you should do the improvement for more ranking.


Google offer question and answer option in your business knowledge graph, which their customers directly ask their question to the business owner without any identification.

Your website on-page increase your ranking

Your business increases your Google My Business ranking. Add your targeted keywords in your website content with the location.

Your website off-page increase your ranking

When you get a backlink from your location website or relevance topic websites that backlinks increase your chance for Good ranking.


Citation is Key of your Google My Business ranking. When you submit your business information like an NAPW (Name, Address, Local Phone Number and Website URL) into other business listing sites that information called as citations. If your business has high citations then your Google My Business account rank higher in Google Map.

Social Media [Social Signals]

Your social media page set up is boosts your 5% Google My Business ranking, according to the MOZ survey.

Use Local Business Schema on Your Website [SCHEMA.ORG INTEGRATION]

I told you the above, your website on-page and off-page are increasing you Google My Business ranking but How Google knows your Google My Business listing has a website?
So that time you have to use code, these codes inform Google about your website and Google My Business.

Age of GMB Location

Your strategy nail down the front of listing age, if your competitor business listing age is more, so that time it’s harder to leave him down, but you perfectly optimize your Google My Business and your website has Good citations the trust then you will rank higher otherwise you can’t.


In this article, you will get all strategy, which improves your ranking high on Google map.
Keep following these steps for ranking and put passion because of this strategy take some time to give result but this strategy gives your long term result.
Thank you so much for reading my article, if you have any confusion or any question related to Google My Business feel free to ask me in the comment box.